Manchester United: Great signings by Louis – 3 more for The Title

Manchester United: Great signings by Louis – 3 more for The Title


With the signings of Luke Shaw and and Ander Herrera Manchester United have done some superb business in the transfer market already.

In two big swipes they have reduced the average age of the side and added some real dynamism to an ailing Manchester United team.

But this is clearly only the start of the Manchester United rebuild. We believe that the new manager needs to sign these three players to bring Manchester United right back to the boil.

Eliaquim Mangala – United may go for Mats Hummels or Miranda. But this is the guy that they really should buy. Even though he’s not a regular in the France team yet he’s going to be one of the best players that the country has ever produced. A total rock.

James Rodriguez – with the amount of composure and class in his game it’s impossible to believe that this guy is only 22 years of age. He offers even more penetration than Chili winger Alexis Sanchez and he’s been easily one of the standout performers in The World Cup. A wonderful creator, but also a wonderful finisher, this guy is worth his weight in diamond.


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Arturo Vidal – his performances at The World Cup have reminded us exactly what Manchester United have lacked in the midfield over the last few years – namely, ferocious tackling, speed and bite. Owen Hargreaves was supposed to do it. Fellaini was supposed to do it. But neither did and United still haven’t solved the problem. With Vidal in the side United would score more goals and be far harder to play through. Vidal is absolutely top class – the complete midfielder.

Let’s see Rodriguez in action: Manchester United fans, would this be the dream trio?



  1. Hummels for me then Mangala or lets hope United sign both. I wish we also sign Vidal and James Rodriguez – wow what a dream summer it would be! If Ed Woodward manages to pull it off he should be given the freedom of Manchester lol!!

  2. No more questions!…….Hummels, Mangala, Rodriguez and Vidal added to our current squad, then we’ll be back to the summit of the EPL

  3. Let’s now get Arturo Vidal. He is the best Midfielder in the world. He will stop teams playing through us, but more than that he would frighten the life out of the opposition in the tunnel like Roy Keane used to!
    I would love to see this:

    Jones Hummels martins- indi
    Rafael Carrick Vidal Herrera Shaw
    Mata Van Persie.
    Januzaj Evans Kagawa Wilson Valencia Welbeck Chittiritto Keane Fletcher Lawrence Lindard Smalling Evra Blind