Barcelona: Major Deal On – report

We aren’t quite sure whether Barcelona fans will see this as a good or bad thing.

After apparently biting Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini at The World Cup Luis Suarez’s world is as unstable as ever and Barcelona fans may now see his signing is a high-risk gamble.

Suarez has been banned for four months from all forms of football – which could also make huge difference to the transfer.

But latest reports suggest that Barcelona still want to sign him and reckons that the club is in advanced negotiations for the player:

Talksport follow up on that story:

Fellow Barcelona paper Sport say that negotiations for Suarez are at an ‘advanced stage’, with president Josep Maria Bartomeu happy to ‘break the bank’ for the player.

We all know that he is an unbelievable talent and, even after being out for a month, he destroyed England last week with two moments of absolute brilliance.

Suarez would undoubtedly make Barcelona a better team when he’s on the pitch but the question is how often and for how long can he behave himself.

The biting incident didn’t look premeditated for Suarez. It was possibly an impulse and something he can’t control – he’s done it three times now, lest we forget. And to do it at The World Cup beggars belief.

Luis Suarez is a genius who would improve Barcelona or any other team in the world. But it’s all the other things that come with him which make you concerned as to whether he’s worth all that money.

So Barcelona fans: do you still want the club to pursue the transfer?

Let’s see the lad in action.