Manchester United: THIS signing would be a TOTAL waste of money

Now that Manchester United have sacked David Moyes the club can get back on track. And that should initially include a summer of exciting and valuable signings for the club. Because the transfer policy over the last year has seemed scattergun at best – it can’t get much worse.

Around £65 million has gone out the door but the team hasn’t improved at all as far as we can see. Even David Moyes would have to admit that Marouane Fellaini has been a total disaster at £27.5m.

One player who has been linked during the David Moyes reign is Adam Lallana of Southampton.

Now we want to point out that we think he’s an excellent footballer. But what Brendan Rodgers has proven at Liverpool this year is that football is all about the right blend.

Lallana can obviously play in several positions, has brilliant feet and a mercurial manner. But what he does lack is pace and power – he’s even admitted it himself.

I’ve never been blessed with out-and-out pace or power so the technical side is a big part of my game.’

And they are exactly the qualities that this Manchester United side also lacks. They’ve got a lot of technicians who know how to take care of the ball but they lack dynamism and pace going forward.

During the Premier League years Manchester United have built their success on superb counter attacking football. To play that way you need genuine pace and power in the side – players who can skin their defenders and get the ball from one end to the other in a matter of seconds.

Any top manager coming into Manchester United will identify that straightaway and this should mean Lallana will not be going to Manchester United this summer. Because, for all his qualities, he is surely not what Manchester United needs right now.

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