Liverpool Transfers : Great team. But squad needs work. 1st solution found?


Liverpool need a left back

It sounds crazy to say but, even if Liverpool win the title this season, Brendan Rodgers will not be getting too excited.

He has that look of steely determination that Sir Alex Ferguson had when he came to Manchester United.

The Irishman isn’t interested in having a massive party if Liverpool win the title. He wants to build an empire.

Accordingly he will already be looking to who Liverpool can sign to strengthen a great team but thin squad.

The left side will need some more attention moving forward and we wonder whether Liverpool will have a look at German left back Marcel Schmelzer.

The Guardian reports Thursday that he may be a target for Liverpool.

Borussia Dortmund defender Marcel Schmelzer could be off to Liverpool.

Recent, albeit unsubstantiated sources, have fuelled the fire with claims that insiders at Liverpool have admitted that he’s on the wish list:

“We think there might be a possibility to sign Schmelzer from Dortmund,” an Anfield source explained. “I don’t know the details, but the boss is a fan of his and I’d expect us to make a bid in the coming months.”

German players tend to conform to the stereotype. They are technically proficient if unspectacular. But they embody the team ethic beautifully and are always extremely well organised footballers. Schmelzer has turned out 16 times for the Germany team during a golden generation for the national side – so, quite simply, he’s a really good player.

Liverpool certainly wouldn’t be let down by the Dortmund lad.

Let’s take a look at him in action.


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