Manchester United – RvP OFF?

Manchester United – RvP OFF?


It’s been a subject of speculation all season. Although regularly denied there has been talk of rifts between Manchester United boss David Moyes and star striker RvP.

The boss himself has said that any talk of disquiet is nonsense. But there is usually no smoke without fire and you do sense that Manchester United are trying to fit squares into round holes right now.

Juan Mata is obviously a number 10. He gave by far his best display in a Manchester United shirt from that position against Newcastle. From there he can score and make countless goals. But he’s not a winger. He doesn’t have the physique to get up and down the touch line and track back when necessary. So there is no point persisting with him there.

This means that Wayne Rooney needs a new position or he gets dropped. He’s more than capable of playing out wide but, having just signed a new contract, you would expect him to have assurances that he will normally get to play in one of his two preferred positions. Numbers 9 or 10.

If Mata gets the number 10 slot then it’s surely Rooney up top.

This leaves RvP as the odd man out. They haven’t clicked as a trio and RvP seems like the most obvious victim. At £37m Mata isn’t going to sit on the bench. But RvP won’t ever be considered as just a squad striker.

So, unless one of the trio is prepared to play out wide, we can’t see how this is going to work moving forward.

Manchester United fans – can all three play in a successful Manchester United team together?

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  1. Yes of course they can both play, he has just to readjust his starting line, he might play 4-4-2 diamond. With RVP and Rooney as two strikers, and Mata as forward in supporting them. And he might sell or give for frere Felaini, Cleverley, Phil Jones, Evans,