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Manchester United: #Moyes IN


Has he done enough?

Readers of soccersweep know that we haven’t been the biggest fans of David Moyes.

At worst he seems out of his depth at this level – an 80s PE teacher in the cut and thrust of sophisticated modern football methodology.

His approach has been curious at times and he hasn’t always picked the right players or tactics.

Even last night the game was painfully one sided at times. While Bayern expertly tried to pick the locks with short, sharp passing and interplay Manchester United simply pumped the ball up the field whenever they had it, hoping to win the second ball and get forward.

Although it wasn’t the prettiest football to watch Manchester United were, after all, playing against the Champions of Europe in their own back yard.

And, if Patrice Evra had scored his goal 15 minutes later, or Wayne Rooney had converted his gilt-edged chance at 1-1, Moyes’s tactics might just have worked.

Rather than viewing it as anti-football there was an acceptance from Moyes that Manchester United couldn’t out-pass Bayern. They simply don’t have the players right now. So he used what he had and did so to decent effect.

The selections of Smalling, Kagawa and Fletcher were bold and all worked to a degree. On this basis it does feel as if Moyes is finally beginning to understand what it takes to manage Manchester United.

He will of course want his team to play more like Bayern in future. And, based on a performance of true spirit and some tactical astuteness, it looks like Moyes may now get the time required to implement his ideas fully at Manchester United.

Moyes has been on an extremely steep learning curve this year. But he has learnt a huge amount and he can’t be as bad as this next time round.

So, whether you Manchester United fans like it or not, it looks as if it will be #MoyesIN for some time yet.

Manchester United fans – get rid now or give him another season?

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dave 'Bassett' Moyes Fan club

    Apr 10, 2014 at 7:30 pm

    As soon as Bayern scored, our team’s fighting spirit….evaporated…..a feature of the Moyes Regime….No matter who we buy…..Moyes will screw it up….TOTALLY OUT OF HIS DEPTH!

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