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Manchester United: Gary Neville spot on again with these quotes


Use what you got

Gary Neville is making waves in his life after professional football. As readers of soccersweep will know, we think that he will make a top manager and would have no qualms in giving him the Manchester United job. He has, so far, been a staunch supporter of David Moyes despite some terrible results this season.

Earlier in the campaign he responded to the early calls for the head of David Moyes.

It’s an insult even to ask the question about David Moyes’ future… Give him time to adapt to this monster of a job and he’ll be a success at United

But, having seen the season plumb new depths each month, his opinion much surely be softening right now. Because noone can have great confidence in David Moyes at this point. It’s a results business and the results haven’t come. A win tonight will change everything. But it’s a big ask.

Our feeling is that David Moyes seems to think that he can cure all Manchester United’s ills by going out and buying loads of top players in what amounts to a club revolution. It’s not how things have been done at Manchester United over the years. The evolution of a couple of players in and out each season allowed Sir Alex to build a spirit and desire within the club that became unshakeable.

By shipping out a load of Manchester United’s biggest stars over the last decade – players like Evra, Vidic, Ferdinand and Valencia – is David Moyes not risking the loss of that spirit? He can’t expect the new players to come in and immediately understand what the badge signifies. What playing for Manchester United really means. He can’t buy a team that never knows when it’s beaten. That comes over years of education and habit forming philosophies.

So Gary Neville put it perfectly when he said:

“The worrying thing is people think the right answer is just to go and chuck another £150million at it,” Neville said.

“But it’s almost like you’ve got to know what’s wrong with the soup before you throw more ingredients in to make it better – and at the moment I’m not quite sure where you’d start.

David Moyes hasn’t inspired his current crop and we are concerned that this huge overhaul could see the death of The Manchester United Spirit

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  1. stewart

    Apr 2, 2014 at 5:34 am

    moyes should have started with kagawa behind rooney and welbeck on the wings!

    why we are play long balls under moyes against bayern i dont know!

    of course bayern will pick it keep the ball and attack!

    moyes is turning manchester united into everton!

    we showed bayern too much respect and i think with a more positive manager we could have won!

  2. stewart

    Apr 2, 2014 at 5:36 am

    we are good enough to keep the ball and play football moyes!

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