Manchester United fans: Worst PICTURE ever?

Manchester United fans: Worst PICTURE ever?


Ai ai ai ai ai. It looks horrid. Please stop it! My eyes are bleeedinggg! Get it off get it off! CLICK ON SOMETHING ELSE! IS THERE NO GOD! Have they tinted RvP’s hair?

They are just some of the comments that we had from Manchester United fans when we showed them this picture which was aired in The Daily Star this week.

For no other reason than to kick Manchester United fans in the nose, hard, while they were already down on April Fools Day the newspaper went for a hilarious gag. They did the big reveal on Tuesday:

Our story had intially claimed that fed up with the defeats and unable to influence the team like he once could, Fergie put incredible plans on the boardroom table to change fortunes at Old Trafford.

The rest of the original story is detailed below. Most of you got it, but some of you were left stumped!

Oh dear. Those guys at The Star eh?

Thankfully, in reality, Manchester United fans won’t have to watch their team turn out in that rather wishy washy, in between colour. Red will do nicely thank you.

So let’s cheer up the Manchester United contingent by showing them some clips of the possible architect of Bayern’s ultimate downfall – Wayne Rooney – scoring goals in that hauntingly beautiful red.

Picture courtesy of The Daily Star


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