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Published on March 25th, 2014 | by soccersweep


Liverpool beware – Manchester United can still RUIN your season

Liverpool fans would have left Manchester United’s ground feeling as if they had put the final nail in their opponents Champions League coffin with the resounding and famous 3-0 win ten days ago.

And not even the most ardent Manchester United fan would argue that Liverpool didn’t deserve it. For the first time in many a memory Liverpool are a cut above Manchester United in terms of performance and results.

How long it lasts remains to be seen – that’s the beauty of football – but, for now, Liverpool look like a sensational unit and Manchester United a clunky group of talented but rudderless individuals.

But, while Liverpool are way too far ahead to be caught in the league now, Manchester United still have small chance of ruining their season.

Imagine for a second that Manchester United win The Champions League while Liverpool finish fourth. At this point in time it’s hard to know which is more unlikely. Liverpool are playing football from the gods and look as if they will finish top two at least.

Meanwhile Manchester United have the toughest of routes to the final of The Champions League with a tie against Munchen in their path.

But what an incentive for Manchester United. A couple of bad results and Liverpool could once more be destined for 4th place. And if Manchester United do a Chelsea and take the European Cup Liverpool would need to finish third to get into Europe’s top competition next season.

Based on form, Liverpool won’t be overly concerned about this eventuality, but the fans will still be keeping one eye on The Champions League next week – and wholeheartedly cheering on Bayern Munchen we dare say!

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7 Responses to Liverpool beware – Manchester United can still RUIN your season

  1. Stan says:

    We won’t be looking to see you get a beating from Bayern,BECAUSE YOU WILL ( FACT ) AND YOU ALL KNOW IT !!! small MID-TABLE club ( FACT )
    And I hope CITY give you a BEATING tonight ;-)

  2. a j k says:

    If we were bottom of the league id be cheering bayern on anyway that’s got absolutely nothing to do with it. We will concentrate on our own games not what manure do.

  3. ste says:

    Man Hoof will get annihilated by Bayern Munich.

  4. Ken Hawkins says:

    Read the rules properly. In the event of Liverpool finishing 4th and Manure winning CL, BOTH teams would be in the next CL…but then Liverpool will finish higher and Manure will not win the CL so pointless conjecture

  5. 5star says:

    9-0 to bayern no sweat

  6. Stretty says:

    20 times Lads, and that’s without supporting racism.

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