Picture: What is David Moyes thinking?

Some would suggest that the picture is perfect as it is. Because, as Manchester United have continued their season long slide, the more ruthless critic could argue that there is actually very little going through the head of the newish boss. Manchester United just seem inexplicably toothless and clueless on a sports field which has brought them two decades of unremitting success.

Certainly, if the performance of the team is a manifestation of what’s going on inside the mind of the boss, then David Moyes must be very confused at the moment. Because his team looks shapeless, muddled and clunky. There is no obvious strategy as far as our amateur eye can see – not one that is being illustrated on the pitch anyway. Some would opine that since he took over at Manchester United his only tactic has been to try to buy all the best players on the market, so that his strategic weaknesses as a manager aren’t exposed.

As Ross Barkley was quoted as saying in The Daily Mail:

When asked how Moyes and Martinez compare, Barkley told Match of the Day Magazine: ‘He’s similar to David Moyes as they both like to take over the training session and be the main man.

‘But Martinez is more tactical. We do a lot more tactical work which is good for me because I’m young and still learning.’

But we want you, the Manchester United fans, to give us some suggestions for what should go into the thought bubble. Heck, even if you don’t support Manchester United, we want your views. With hours to go before a potentially career defining game, what is going through the head of David Moyes?

Please let us know your thoughts as soon as possible and we will publish the funniest and/or most insightful ideas – within the bounds of good taste of course!

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