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Manchester United: Only 2 players showed desire against Liverpool

One thing that Sir Alex Fergsuon would always talk about during his time at Manchester United was ‘Desire’ and ‘Hunger’. They were his keywords and the words on which his entire managerial mantra was based.

Therefore, when looking for new recruits he would always ask himself whether the potential signing had those requisite qualities. Natural skill is of course and important quality. But without players like Keane, Neville, Butt and Ince – the guys who may not be able to perform an overhead scissor kick but will bleed for the shirt – Manchester United would not have won half as much as they have over the last twenty years.

Of course, this is still largely Sir Alex’s squad and we aren;t suggesting that these players don’t have that desire and hunger. They do and they illustrated it time and again under Fergie. But, the desire which got them to Manchester Unite din the first place simply wasn’t on show against Liverpool at the weekend.

It’s as if their heads have finally gone down under the confused and rudderless management of David Moyes. We feel that only two outfield Manchester United players illustrated that desire on Sunday:

Wayne Rooney – As usual he put a shift in. He’d be the first to admit that he didn’t have a great game. But he worked hard for team for the whole 90 minutes. He was in defence, midfield and attack for Manchester United trying to drag them through this current malaise. In fact, this work rate probably reduced his effectiveness at the top end of the pitch. He had so many other duties to fulfil that he couldnt’ do what he does best. But you can’t fault him for his work rate – he gave everything.

Rafael – He was derided by some for another petulant display and we have to concur that he was extremely lucky not to get sent of for a sec one bookable offence. But, regardless, he look ed like akan on a mission. He got forward more than most of the midfielders and, even in the last quarter of the game you could see him competing for everything. We think that Rafael is one of the best young full backs in the world. He isn’t getting a chance to prove it right now but at least he is putting a shift in.

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2 Responses to Manchester United: Only 2 players showed desire against Liverpool

  1. in1voice says:

    This just shows that the players are no longer motivated. And only a good manager can motivate them. MU needs a new manager. Morale is a very elusive thing. Once it’s gone, very hard to get back. Major surgery is required in the management of the team. It’s not about getting in new players. Even great players like Carrick has regressed. What’s there to say that great new players coming in will not go the same way? MU needs a new manager, and to get back old team of coaches.

  2. Ifiok james says:

    Rooney and van persie play like strangers,it is not easy to accomodate the two of them in a match.for instance,Eto and torres, one of them play for chelsea in a single game.Mata should play as no 10,januzja and nani as wanger,rooney in front.

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