The Words That No Manchester United Fan Wants To Hear


Moyes flunks again

He’s done it again. Sure, it’s easy to argue the cons of anything a manager does when he is under pressure. Confidence is not high with the Manchester United boss right now and anything he says can be viewed as another indictment of his reign. But, for all that, his latest comments are just not what Manchester United fans want to hear. The Guardian stated:

Asked if it was accurate to suggest Liverpool are favourites on Sunday, Moyes said: “It may well be. Their league position suggests they’re ahead of us. They possibly do come here favourites.”

Some may call this psychological warfare – Jose Mourinho may do it to put the pressure on the opposition. But, in a season of white flags and meek surrenders, it just feels like yet another piece of defeatism by David Moyes. This is the pivotal game of the season fro Manchester United. Win it and it’s game on for the season again.

You could imagine Sir Alex answering such a question by with words to the effect of ‘I don’t care who the bookies make as favourites. One thing that I can promise you is that Liverpool will know they have been in a game today.’

Fergie would use the moment to rev up his own lads in the face of the suggestion that Manchester United are on the wane. Unfortunately David Moyes simply agreed and then went off on one about how he will try to win future championships.

Brendan Rodgers, by contrast, was exactly how you would want your manager to be in terms of tone – bullish, assertive and decisive. He gave us categorical answers:

‘We are 11 points clear now; if it goes to 14, they can’t do it. Even 11 is going to be very tough because we are entering into a period where we are stronger.

We can’t tell you how impressed we are with Brendan Rodgers and he currently reflects the confidence of his Liverpool squad. The Manchester United boss may be seen as the more experienced of the two but Moyes could certainly take a leaf out of the Liverpool boss’s book where it comes to being on the front food in interviews.

Manchester United desperately need a win on Sunday. They are at Old Trafford and Moyes should have his lads charged up to the hilt and expecting that home victory against their biggest rivals.

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  1. Larediho

    Mar 15, 2014 at 6:59 pm

    Pls buy defenders for manchester united team

  2. Larediho

    Mar 15, 2014 at 7:01 pm

    Buy us players moyes

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