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Manchester United: An Open Letter to The Glazers

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It’s just not clever management

We are beginning to hear dizzying figures being bandied around in relation to Manchester United’s potential summer spend.

With clubs like Chelsea and Manchester City seemingly way ahead of Manchester United right now, in terms of squad strength, it appears that the solution will be to part with hundreds of millions of pounds in order to return United to the top table.

In some ways it’s encouraging that such noises are being made. At least, as the owners of the club, you appear ready to put your hands in your pockets for a major overhaul of the squad, if needed. With figures like £200m being discussed you are up to speed with the modern spending habits of the big boys.

But should David Moyes really be the man to spend the fortune? After one season at the club? One diabolical season? Sir Alex Ferguson never spent anywhere near that amount in one close season. He probably didn’t spend it, net, in his last 6 seasons at the club. And he did just fine thank you very much.

The idea of letting Moyes spend so much is ridiculous for two reasons:

1 – Moyes is doing a terrible job with what he already has

The notion that this current squad needs so much investment is absolutely ludicrous. We keep mentioning it, but it’s a squad which won the league 10 months ago, by 11 points. Now many view Manchester United as a hopeless mid-table side. The reason for this is bad management – plain and simple.

Why let a bad manager spend £200m when he has done such an average job with the current playing staff? You won’t solve the current malaise and lack of unity by simply throwing money at the problem. I think most readers would struggle to identify a single player that Moyes has improved since he joined the club.

Wayne Rooney is happier but this is nowhere near his best form. Adnan Januzaj has been brilliant but Moyes has left him out of must win games and Fergie would probably have blooded him this season anyway. So Moyes can’t take all the credit for this one either when, figuratively speaking, all he has done is found an amazing car in the garage of his new home and taken it for a spin.

So who has become a better player under Moyes? We couldn’t make a case for one player. Nobody has improved under this coach. So why let him carry on in this manner? As an elite manager you need to be able to identify top players. But you also need to manage, inspire and coach the best out of what you have. In our opinion, this just isn’t happening.

All we see are disaffected players like RvP, Vidic, Evra and Rio.

2 – Signings so far

When David Moyes signed Juan Mata he said:

‘This is the first of many more to come. I’m looking forward to Juan being the start of it.’

Er…aren’t you forgetting the £27.5m you spent on Marouane Fellaini? Sure, The Belgian’s performances have been highly forgettable, but (whether intentionally or not) you can’t sweep that massive splurge under the carpet so easily.

Few would to argue that Marouane Fellaini has been a good signing for Manchester United. Many view it as an extremely expensive mistake.

As for Juan Mata, he’s a super player but Moyes didn’t seem to have a plan for where he was going to use The Spaniard – another number ten in a squad rich with them.

So he simply stuck Mata out on the right wing. What an insult to a player who has now lost his place in the Spain squad.

So, Manchester United board, are you seriously going to give this man a large chunk of Manchester United’s entire wealth to apply the mother of all band aids to this problem?

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  1. United Forever!

    Mar 6, 2014 at 6:55 am

    Interesting and accurate comments.
    The Glazers may have taken Sir Alex’s advice on who should replace him BUT would any other business have employed someone who had won absolutely nothing in his management career and then make him manager of their Corporation/Company?
    The answer is a resounding NO!
    Many a point has been made that the transition from SAF to DM would take time but I ask this, did Guardiola need time at Bayern? Did Vilanova need time at Barcelona? Did Pellegrini need time at City?
    The answer in all 3 cases is NO! They left well alone and how are they doing?
    Moyes removed everyone who knew the club inside out. Brought his own inexperienced team in and today is the result. So therefore Moyes should NOT be given time but instead should be given the sack!
    Leaving Moyes at the club and to be given a potential £200M would be pure stupidity!!!
    Look at whom he has bought to date. Fellaini, of course ex-Everton, where else? For me NOT a United player.
    Mata, who could be a damn good player but not playing on the periphery where his best work cannot be done.
    Moyes has failed in every department as manager. He has failed to continue the success which SAF brought to the club, even to a lesser extent. He has failed to convince the squad that his methods work AND he has failed to convince almost every United fan he has the balls to do for United anywhere near what SAF did!
    In my opinion, Moyes MUST be removed and paid off (and why was he given a 6 year contract anyway?) and someone like Jurgen Klopp employed to get United back to winning ways and to bring back the style of play that United was famous for.
    Keeping Moyes on will little doubt bring this famous club down to the level of an Aston Villa or a Stoke City. Making up the numbers is not what United is all about but retaining Moyes is exactly what will result!

  2. muyiwa

    Mar 6, 2014 at 7:54 am

    pls glaizer sack dis incapable moyes, it will be a great mistake if he continue another yr as man u manager, d damage dat wil cost us may beyound short term solution, remeber liverpool……. in man u i believe, in moyes i doubt.


    Mar 6, 2014 at 8:59 am

    There is digging your own grave but ts the glazzer family

  4. Gabzin

    Mar 6, 2014 at 10:17 am

    I have got nothing against Moyes. It has been said several times that he is clueless. You are correct to say that he said that with Mata it was the beginning of signing top players, did he forget that he has signed Fellaini? The statements he makes are baffling. A seasoned manager cannot say I do not know what to do to win games. He is not confident himself. At the beginning of the season he was grumbling about the fixtures, how do Itrust the man? The Glazers must just fire the man who does not know how to use the materials he is having. I have already suggested that he should not be allowed to hire and fire players fearing the Pogba and Djemba-Djemba mistakes might be repeated. I agree that Moyes should not be given the pounds but be fired with immediate effect.

  5. Cou

    Mar 6, 2014 at 9:22 pm

    While I agree that Moyes is an awful manager-you cannot blame him for Mata being out of the Spain squad. He’s never been a cert for Spain-ever and he barely played for Chelsea all season. He was never going to make the Spain squad. I feel sorry for him. Great player going from one awful club to a worse one.

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