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Manchester United: Results? Performances? No. The worst bit about the current crisis is that the fans can see Moyes’s disasters coming but can’t do anything about them


You can see it coming but you can’t do anything to stop it!

So what’s the worst part of the Manchester United crisis? The results? The performances? The player disdain? No.

The worst part of this entire scenario is that Manchester United fans can see the next disaster coming but they remain powerless to do anything about it.

When the team was announced on Tuesday, for example, there was uproar on Twitter from Manchester United fans who couldn’t believe that Cleverley, Young and Valencia were picked concurrently. Selecting one would have been avoidable. Two, highly dubious. But all three? Utter madness.

Meanwhile Adnan Januzaj, Manchester United’s best player of the season, wasn’t even on the bench for an absolutely crucial game. He wasn’t injured. He was rested. Next Manchester United game? March 8th.

We will give Moyes the benefit of the doubt and assume that Rafael da Silva was still concussed – because every fan of Manchester United knows that he’s immeasurably better than Chris Smalling on the right. Yet Moyes often seems to prefer the increasingly clumsy centre back. Rafael may make the odd mistake but he has the pace to recover. And he offers more going forward than any of the wingers.

Fellaini? The £27.5m man? Overlooked by Moyes in favour of Tom Cleverley – presumably because The Belgian had been out for three months. But, having paid so much money for the player, you would have thought that Moyes would have enough faith in Fellaini to play him for an hour. Wouldn’t you?

There just doesn’t seem to be a clear policy at Manchester United under Moyes. No style developing. No players improving. No portents whatsoever that things are close to bottoming out. The poor bloke simply seems out of his depth – it’s clear to everyone except The Glazers – and his management of Tuesday’s game beggared belief.

Why is Moyes exempt from the sack when every other Premier League manager would have gone by now, had their results been so much worse than the previous season? This blind faith of The Glazers could be the undoing of Manchester United long-term.

It’s nothing personal. Most Manchester United fans simply want the guy out and a more competent coach to take the reigns.

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  1. Deluded Dave Moyes Fan Club

    Feb 27, 2014 at 9:46 pm

    Young is as good as Nani,who is as good as Fellaini,who is as good as Wellbeck on the left wing,who is as good as Smalling playing at right back, who is as good as Kagawa on the wing..who is as good as Cleverley playing anywhere….but are all better than Lingard,Rafael,Zaha and Januzai according to Moyes the Magnificent…….Well he did buy Darren Gibson from us…………

    We have a Clown who has never beaten the scousers….never won anything ,teaching the Premiership Champion how to play football his way……Are United Crazy?……

    ‘Old Trafford’… it is now known the ‘Theatre of Nightmares’…….A complete Madhouse where tactics,substitutions,player acquisitions,style of play,and the retention of a complete doughbag of a manager,is nothing less than MADNESS…..OLD TRAFFORD once THE THEATRE OF DREAMS…….NOW AN ASYLUM for THE INSANE….

    • Tom jones

      Feb 27, 2014 at 10:29 pm

      Theatre of SCREAMS 😉 Every fan loves watching your disgraceful club suffer 😉

  2. Adegbenro Olasunkanmi

    Feb 27, 2014 at 10:41 pm

    Glazers family had 2 find somtin 2 do abt diz act of i dnt care coach and find beta 1 4 united.

  3. A loyal fan

    Feb 27, 2014 at 11:03 pm

    For the short term good januzai should play every game; just like an over reliant Liverpool did with Owen!!! And in 5 years time and injuries take there toll we’ll be grateful for your suggestions! If ferguson was in charge he would have done exactly the same as moyes.

    You say no player has improved – I think Rooney has and Januzai is getting better with every match. Mata has been a great buy and will gradually get better with time.

    You talk about moyes tactics – he’s retrieved more points from losing positions than any other team apart from shitey.

    So stop your whining, you sound like part time glory hunters; back the team and the manager and let them get on with the rebuilding job. We have no divine right to success every year – so what if we miss out on champions league for a year or so, we’ll be back and players will always want to join united.

  4. Aleeu ibraheem ndoton daji

    Feb 28, 2014 at 6:31 am

    david moyes is d problem 4 unitet,pls the glazer family sack him or else ‘downfall’

  5. Ted Perechalli

    Feb 28, 2014 at 8:11 am

    There is a lot of noise from people who would love to see Manchester United not just collapse but to annihilated … destroyed BUT this Club has always proved itself to be resilient. Time and time again SAF faced this reaction and he proved the enemies wrong … If the current players give their heart and play WITHOUT FEAR, they can begin the turn of the tide, achieve a semblance of success even at this late stage, and take the world of football by storm beginning. There’s nothing wrong with Moyes: he is a good manager (Sir Alex Ferguson is right in choosing him as his successor!) BUT no manager can be good enough if the players do not back their words with the kind of effort that previously had put fear into even the strongest of their opponents. It is time for the players to wake from their slumber and turn their flabby sinews into sinews of steel … their laziness into sheer industry … their fears into grit … and toil for victory after victory. Of what use are you for any other team when you cannot do anything for Manchester United? Wake up team! Show those who wish you to go down, without a whimper, THE STUFF YOU ARE MADE OF! I believe in Manchester United like the millions of supporters the world over – don’t let us down! Glory, Glory Manchester United! May you always thrive.

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