Liverpool want to sign these 3 dazzling talents – report

Liverpool’s joy is patently twofold right now. On top of playing their most convincing and attractive football in years they can also enjoy the spectacle of Manchester United lurching from one disaster to another in front of their gleeful eyes. Even the most hopeful Liverpool fans couldn’t have hoped for such a quick and catastrophic demise.

Manchester United’s defeat in Greece leaves Liverpool with more certainty that a fourth placed finish will see them into The Champions League next season. Even before that game it would have been far-fetched to imagine United winning The Champions League but, having defied the odds in 2005, Liverpool will be weary even now.

But, in general, things are looking up. According to reports today Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is keen to keep developing this squad and won’t waste any time getting involved in the pre-World Cup transfer frenzy that is sure to occur.

Various reports are lining Liverpool with three creative talents today. The Guardian sums it up succinctly:

• 4,113: The number of minutes Bojan Krki (sic) played for Barcelona in four seasons at the club before being shipped out on loan to Roma, Milan and, most recently Ajax. Liverpool want him and are prepared to pay £5m to make him a permanent signing.

• 22: The number of years the Al-Ain winger Omar Abdulrahman has spent on this earth. If Liverpool or Manchester City are to sign him, they’ll have to contend with Galatasaray trying to scupper any prospective deal.

• 12: The number of pounds, in millions, that Liverpool will offer Hoffenheim in exchange for their Brazilian midfielder Roberto Firmino.

The pick of the three has to be Krkic who is yet another brilliant attacking midfielder/forward who hasn’t been deemed quite good enough to get in the team ahead of Lionel Messi – can you imagine the shame? Still only 23 we think that this guy would be a steal for Liverpool. He’s quick, intelligent and technically astute. Sign him up Brendan….


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