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MASSIVE moment in Manchester United’s history


No rotting feast to be had here just yet.

Manchester United fans have so many golden and history defining memories to pour over from that glittering 25 year stint in which the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson ruled the roost. The Steve Bruce header against Sheffield Wednesday which symbolised the end of the 26 year wait for a title. The signing of Eric Cantona which opened the floodgates to domestic pre-eminence. David Beckham’s goal against Palace that signalled the arrival of the kids. And of course ‘Solskjaer HAS WON IT!’.

We believe that the latest critical moment of Manchester United’s history came last week. The signing of Wayne Rooney may not have been as dramatic as the aforementioned sanpshots. But we think that it is every bit as important.

Many will moan about paying 300k a week to a player who has wanted to leave the club in the past. But this deal tells us that, despite the wishes of many, Manchester United aren’t done yet. Not by a long chalk. You can’t be finished when you have the most important player in The Premier League on your side. And Wayne Rooney has been for a decade and still is the most valuable player in the league.

He’ll score you goals galore – even in the tightest games. He tracks back more and has a better tackle than most midfielders. He never stops working. He’s the best passer in the team and the best passer among all The Premier League strikers. And he’s a born winner.

Shocking as it may seem we applaud the fact that Rooney wanted to leave Manchester United in 2010. He was concerned that they were falling off the pace in terms of player acquisitions. All power to him. Like Roy Keane he would never stand by and watch complacency or cobwebs creep into his club. He will drive them forward as much as any other member of staff at Manchester United.

It’s not just what Rooney gives to Manchester United on the pitch. The symbolic importance of his signing is also massive. The vultures were beginning to circle gleefully but they now realise there is no rotting feast to be had here just yet.

Rooney is Manchester United’s captain in waiting. Any other decision would be a joke. And his signing almost guarantees continued success for Manchester United.

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