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Manchester United: Major player deal this week – report


Huge event for Manchester United

When you look back at the history of any famous institution the annuls are punctuated by several pivotal moments. Decisions that were made which terminally ruined or elevated that institution.

We strongly believe that if Manchester United can get Wayne Rooney to sign a new contract, which will keep him at the club for the rest of his career, that this will go down as one such moment in their history. Reports today suggest that the club are on the cusp of a deal with the player, which could be finalised this week.

Because, make no mistake, Manchester United are currently at a critical stage in their history. It would be folly to suggest that Manchester United will remain competitive regardless of their actions over the next few years. The new money that has come in to clubs like Chelsea and Manchester City has fast-tracked to them to potential pre-eminence.

Sir Alex Ferguson did a great job to keep Manchester United competitive in the face of these new rivals. Now David Moyes must try to do the same.

Keeping Wayne Rooney would not only be symbolic of Manchester United’s retention of power but it would also keep them competitive in a literal sense.

There are of course some wonderful players in The Premier League. But we will always maintain that Wayne Rooney is the most important – he is the ultimate Premier League footballer. Put him up top and he will score you as many goals as anybody else in the division. But it is all the other assets that he has which really sets him apart from the rest.

Because his all-round importance to Manchester United is almost impossible to overstate. The running that he does for his team is remarkable. He is probably the best passer of the ball at Manchester United. One of the best tacklers. One of the best athletes. And clearly a great leader. If he does sign this contract then all bets will surely be off as to who the next captain of Manchester United will be – there would only be one name in the hat for us.

Keeping Wayne Rooney at Manchester United is such a big deal that is could be viewed in retrospect as one of the pivotal moments in their history.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jafara Leigh

    Feb 17, 2014 at 6:07 pm

    Rooney deserves to b d next captain of Man Utd

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