Manchester United: What does Gary Neville think of Moyes now?

Manchester United: What does Gary Neville think of Moyes now?


A couple of months back, when the brown stuff was just beginning to strike the windy thing with regards to David Moyes and Manchester United, Gary Neville gave an impassioned defence of the new boss and encouraged patience from the Manchester United faithful.

In an article for The Daily Mail, Neville said of Moyes:

It’s an insult even to ask the question about David Moyes’ future… Give him time to adapt to this monster of a job and he’ll be a success at United

I don’t care what Chelsea or Real Madrid do in sacking their managers after winning trophies. Manchester United should be different and stay true to their values. And even if United didn’t qualify for the Champions League, which would be a huge disappointment, I would maintain that view.

They handed David Moyes a six-year contract and everyone who believes in traditional principles in life should be applauding that. So I don’t even want to answer the questions about David Moyes’s future.

We are massive fans of Gary Neville. He seems like one of the brightest sparks in British football. He has taken Sky Sports analysis to a new level of detail and, in so doing, not only made the shows better to watch but also proven his credentials as a future manager of a top club. Maybe even Manchester United. Maybe even England. Although we have yet to encounter someone good enough to make them successful!

But noone, not even Sir Fergie of all that is good, gets it right every time. Gary Neville spoke from the heart about Moyes at a time when results started to nose dive.

But, watching Manchester United for the last couple of months and seeing the inadequacies in their game, has he not changed his mind somewhat?

We totally agree that managers should be given more time in general – if they are giving even the slightest indication that they are doing good work for the club. But the performance levels have dropped so badly at Manchester United that it’s impossible not to lay at least some blame at the door of the manager.

This is the same squad that Sir Alex took to the title plus £65m worth of new talent. How can you not hold Moyes responsible for the drop in performance levels and results?

We have tweeted Gary with our thoughts and we hope that he will respond as his views are highly thought of by Manchester United fans and soccersweep alike.

Mr. Neville do you really feel the same about David Moyes as you did in December? Or are you now seeing weaknesses in teams selections and tactics that an increasing number of Manchester United fan find so worrying for the club?

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  1. Arsenal are overdue to thrash us………It will be the same old crap from Moyes…..I’m giving it 2 more games……I believe that Palace are going to beat us…..and the team are not behind this dipstick…….He has got to go…..for everyone’s sake!