Manchester United: The 4 main problems

Manchester United: The 4 main problems


For our money the Manchester United manager, David Moyes, is getting it all wrong with his running of the club. Here is what we feel is going awry.

Team Selection

Young still getting picked? Januzaj on the bench? Schoolboy errors by the man who is supposed to be the clone of Sir Alex.


Top managers use what they have. Manchester United’s strength is clearly not in the wide areas right now but Moyes persists with a 4-4-2. What they do have is three world class number tens – Rooney, Januzaj, Mata. Even a casual viewer of the game would see the obvious sense in throwing them in behind RvP in a 4-2-3-1.

Mata on the right wing? Januzaj on the bench? 4-4-2? Madness.

Football Advisor

Player acquisition

Manchester United did of course sign Marouane Fellaini but he’s been a disaster so far. Would Mr. Moyes have bought him for £27.5m in retrospect? We would love to know the honest answer to that one.

We applaud the signing of Juan Mata. When top outfield players are available you need to buy them, regardless of playing position and similar players in the squad.

But don’t buy a top number ten and play him as an orthodox right winger. It’s an insult to the player and to the fans. Play him in the centre of midfield even. But don’t leave a player like that out on the wing. He doesn’t have the explosive pace or engine to be a top Manchester United winger. What he does have is the guile to unlock the best defences from a more central position. When Moyes bought Mata did he not consider a change of formation in order to best utilise what he has?

Man Management

Think of the experience and knowledge lost if Ferdinand, Vidic and Evra leave in the summer, as could easily be the case. Would Sir Alex not have eased them out more gradually, a la Giggs and Scholes, so that they could impart their huge wisdom onto the next generation? Evolution rather than revolution would surely work better for Manchester United, as it has in the past.

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  1. Moyes had three months in job during summer to buy players . He knew he was getting job before even that . Yet we had amateur hour with ptretence of signing players that were never going to come .

    Moyes excuse ….. he was using the aquisition list of Alex Ferguson …. it was Alex fault !!

    He is like a rabbit in headlights , out of his depth …. time to go .

    There would be an overnight improvement in performance if players had a Manager they could `BELIEVE ` in .

  2. Jack , Januzaj has played 14 games 9 from bench . Something like that .
    The Kids 18 ….
    Theres not a better prospect anywhere . And whats more , on pure form he should be playing somewhere in team , with proviso of not overplaying a young kid .

  3. Januzaj world class? You’re having a laugh, right? Suddenly revert to the new formation with those 3 behind RVP and all will be rosy? Really? With no defense? Oh and fergie KNEW the defense was past it! He only retired 6 months ago… Where exactly was his plan? He knew, and he got out while the going was good.

  4. He don’t have any idea of selecting a winning team and employing appropriate tactics to every single game. Therefore he is not competent to manage MU and must leave by the main door before being thrown out via the windows.

  5. l agree with SYED moyes dont know how to select player and substitute even his technical is nonsense lmaging using mata at right wing which mata using left leg to know moyes is stupid,foolish coach.