BREAKING Manchester United news: Jose Mourinho discusses Mata deal with press

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United to get Mata

Chelsea are currently in the middle of their weekly press conference and one of the main subjects for discussion is Manchester United. As everybody now knows Manchester United have made a bid for Juan Mata and the Chelsea coach is just told the press that the deal is close to a conclusion.

The BBC reports:

“Things are going in a good direction. We allow Juan to travel and have the medical with United. Things are really going into a good direction. I think sooner rather than later things will be done.”

He also said that the player has been released for a medical to Manchester United:

“The player deserves respect and to play and because the offer is right, we allow him to negotiate but we don’t close the door.”

“One day, if he comes back to Chelsea in a Manchester United shirt then the stadium will show him how much they respect him and want him.”

“It is good for Juan, good for the Premier League. The offer is the right offer. Football clubs at this moment are not just football clubs.

“I asked him when the offer comes are you really happy to go and he was saying yes I am really happy to go. After that we could feel mixed emotions.

“It was a surprise for us that Juan was leaving. We were not prepared to make a bid to replace Juan in the squad. Everything happened very, very fast,

Manchester United fans, this looks like exactly the news that you’ve been waiting for. Is it now is time to start celebrating a new Manchester United arrival or are you still cagey about the deal going through?

Now that Jose himself has commented officially on all of the speculation it appears that there is no other conclusion than Mata to Manchester United.

We will keep our ears to the ground for the rest of the conference and let you know what else is said about the potential deal, which now looks very close to completion.

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