The perfect January addition for Liverpool


Perfect Liverpool addition

We think that Liverpool are the best team to watch this season. What about Manchester City? You may scream. The thing with Manchester City is that, while they play great football, they are EXPECTED to win every match. And they usually do.

With Liverpool you get that magical blend of high paced football with sporadic moments of jaw-dropping class. But you can add the element of unpredictability which makes every game more interesting. No neutral wants to see a one-sided battering. They want to see a proper tussle.

But, while Liverpool fans have been treated to bucketloads of excitement this season they will most certainly be concerned about the loss of Lucas to another bad injury. But reports of potential loan deal for Nigel De Jong could prove be a masterstroke.

The Daily Mail said early this morning:

Liverpool are considering a loan bid for AC Milan’s Nigel de Jong.

Lucas is expected to miss two months with a knee ligament injury, leaving the Anfield club worryingly short of a defensive midfielder.

Even if Lucas hadn’t been injured De Jong would have been a super investment for Liverpool. Many Manchester City fans that we have spoken to couldn’t understand why the club let him go. He’s solid as a rock, incredibly energetic and rarely wastes possession. He’s the archetypal midfield destroyer and a perfect shield for the back five.

We think that Liverpool should pull out all the stops to sign De Jong regardless of how serious the Lucas injury is. Because, while the team is currently beautiful to watch going forward, they still lack some solidity at the back and De Jong could make all the difference in tight games against top opposition.

Let’s take a look at the man in action. Liverpool fans – do you think this guy would be a good addition to the first team?


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  1. Stanley

    Jan 22, 2014 at 5:56 pm

    Their is zero chance of this AVERAGE TEAM GETTING CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FOOTBALL,because The Committee and their puppeteer Rodgers only buy AVERAGE PLAYERS ;-( Allen Borini Assaidi Aspas Alberto Ilori,not one has made an impact !!! Mignolet is making mistake after mistake ( Costing lpool points ) Sturridge is injured more than he plays.Coutinho only plays 1 good game in 5.Then the WORST LOAN SIGNINGS IN THE HISTORY OF LOANS ;-( Sorry but either FSG our cheap bastards or Rodgers ayre and the committee need SACKING ASAP…DISGUSTED TO SUPPORT THIS CLUB…

    • RoyK

      Jan 22, 2014 at 6:44 pm

      So don’t support….. no one put a gun to your head and forced you to support LFC, right? If you can’t believe that the club has a future with FSG at the helm, then go support a Chelsea or a Man city, where the only way to rise from obscurity is to pour in hundred in millions in a short time!!!

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