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Manchester United: The craziest transfer rumour ever


Few transfer tales beat this for pure sensationalism

Over the last 24 hours we have been treated to some marvellous nonsense in the sports press. Fair play to the sensationalist media though – if you are going to make up transfer stories then at least lie in an outrageously entertaining fashion.

The one that I am referring to is the Wesley Sneijder to Manchester United story. As we all know Sneijder was linked to Manchester United throughout the summer of 2012. Everybody thought that the then Inter Milan player would eventually end up in Manchester – but frustratingly for some it never came off.

Stories have resurfaced that Manchester United may be in for the 29-year-old again – nothing crazy about that. At the same time, speculation has intensified about Nani leaving Manchester United – understandable. But, somehow, somewhere, someone has taken that and cobbled this together:

Man United ready to offer Nani AND Antonio Valencia to sign Chelsea target Wesley Sneijder

So, Manchester United are going to swap a 27 year old, who they bought for around £20m and a 28 year old (around £15m) for a Dutch midfielder who is ambling towards retirement in Turkey?

Do me a favour would you? Please!

Sneijder would fit in well at Manchester United and many to most United fans would be happy for Nani to go the other way. But the idea of letting them both go (and therefore leaving Januzaj and Zaha as United’s only wingers) in return for the veteran playmaker is surely, Frothing at the mouth, wearing pyjamas in the high street and thinking complete strangers are your daughter , CRAZY TALK.

Some have lost confidence in David Moyes after the average start to the season and the dubious signing of Marouane Felliani. But, if he sanctioned this deal, there would surely be a 24 hour vigil outside his home – using burning stakes rather than candles.

Manchester United fans – is there any truth in these rumours or would you, like us, love to get hold of whatever this story writer was smoking/ingesting at the time of rumour generation? I beg you just give me one little toke man!

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