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Nani out Ronnie in?

Oh it’s sheet music to my eyes. The prospect of Cristiano Ronaldo coming in to replace Nani?

I know, I know. It seems very unlikely to happen. Much as every Manchester United fan would love to Ronnie back at the club, it just seems too improbable.

But if the Daily Star is reporting it then surely it’s true right?

The tabloid that was talking transfer tittle tattle when I was but a drunken smile on my father’s face is suggesting that Ronnie has reached an impasse on contract negotiations with Real Madrid and that Manchester United could steal in for the 28 year old. 28? Yes that’s right the supreme Portuguese is 28. He’s probably only got one more contract in him and his sell on value would be a fraction of the £55m that Manchester United would reportedly have to pay for his services.


But, if Nani were to leave the club then a deal may be more possible. The Guardian speculates that Nani has been offered £90k a week to sign a new contract at Manchester United but that he is holding out for more. If a deal can’t be reached then he may well move on. And if you offered me £15m plus for Nani and a chance to get Ronaldo back I’d bite your hand off. Nani is great to watch at times. There is little doubting his talent. But he has never ironed the inconsistencies out of his game and he still can’t be trusted to make the right decision in the crucial moments of the biggest games. As we know, Ronaldo can.

It still remains highly unlikely that Cristiano will return to Manchester United. If he does move on then perhaps PSG is the only feasible club for him. He surely wouldn’t go to Manchester City right?

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