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Manchester United: Carrick’s new song

Michael Carrick has been one of the most consistent Manchester United performers in the last five years, but he’s only really enjoyed widespread acclaim in the last 12 months. For some reason, many see Carrick as the weak link in the the Manchester United team, despite The Reds enjoying the most successful period in their history since he joined the club in the summer of 2006.

He has flown under the radar, mainly because he doesn’t score the goals of a Paul Scholes or Frank Lampard in their pomp. Carrick is an unselfish team player – the sort of footballer that every top team needs. He glides across every blade of grass, defends with composure and is so often the starting point for Manchester United attacks. But it’s taken until now for many to realise his value to this Manchester United side.

Deservedly, he is finally getting the plaudits that his consinstency merits. Throughout the second half of the game against QPR at the weekend, Manchester United fans saturated the ground with the sound of their latest eulogy to Carrick. To the tune of the classic E.L.O. song ‘Oh It’s Magic’, the Manchester United faithful relentlessly belted out the following chant:

‘Oh oh oh it’s Carrick you know, hard to believe it’s not Scholes. It’s Carrick you know….’

You can just about make out the chant in this snippet recorded by soccersweep at the game. Click the link below….


Carrick is the sort of player who is appreciated more in foreign leagues and, like his colleague Paul Scholes, he has been seriously under valued by his country throughout his career. Despite the Gerrard-Lampard axis never working at international level, it’s only recently that Carrick has been given a chance to make a serious impression on the England team. soccersweep thinks that he is a top player and at least the Manchester United fans now fully appreciate him.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. elem okechukwu.

    Feb 25, 2013 at 7:36 pm

    i think been a good player doesn’t really mean you must score goals, carrick is a good dictator of the game. Down here in enugu nigeria, we united fans nick name him pastor, so let us support him. Good luck united.

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