Arsenal and United plough on

Well suckle my pachangas if it’s not nearly the weekend again. Nearly. As good as darn it for someone who doesn’t do Fridays anyway.

I don’t mind an international break so long as it doesn’t impinge on my Premier League weekend. And as well as being mercifully quick, this break also produced a great game between England and Brazil, by way of a bonus. Finally, England have another creative player of the same quality of Manchester United star Wayne Rooney, in the shape of Jack Wilshere. Arsenal fans have reason to be cheerful again. And there have been so many false dawns for England that it often feels like Groundhog Day but, dare we hazard, this could actually be a golden period for the national side?


But now it’s time to get back to the serious business of the Premier League. Ahhhh the wonderful Premier League. Say it to yourself. Let it roll around the mouth – The Premier League. It tastes sweeter than a blueberry gobstopper from Charlie’s Chocolate Factory.

England has an unusually low number of representatives in the Champions League knockout phase this season, with only Manchester United and Arsenal left. United will pick a team with next week’s European howitzer against Real Madrid in mind but, for the others, it’s full steam ahead.

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9/10/11 FEB 2013 – PREMIER LEAGUE

Tottenham v Newcastle – Tottenham @ 1.60

Norwich v Fulham – Norwich @ 2.25

Chelsea v Wigan – Chelsea @ 1.33

Stake : £1.00
Estimated Returns at William Hill : £377.21

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