3 perfect players for Wenger’s Wonga

Many were surprised that Arsenal only brought in a left back during the window. But many weren’t that surprised at all. While some think that Arsenal have no money to spend, others believe that Arsene Wenger simply buckles when it comes to spending big.

soccersweep believes this – Arsenal are a well run club in a recently skewed market. Clubs like Chelsea, Manchester City (and, beyond these shores, PSG) have been scooped up by billionaires and raised the bar where it comes to transfer fees. Thus, clubs like Arsenal can’t compete for the top players unless they start running their business in a dangerous fashion.


The same goes for departing players. We all know that the stars of our Premier League have all the power these days. If they decide that they want to leave a club, there is little that club can do to stop them. Sure they have a contract but they can threaten to run that down and leave for nothing if their current club doesn’t allow their departure.

So, while the anger of many Arsenal fans is understandable, it’s not all the fault of the boss or the club. If City and Chelsea hadn’t been bought by billionaires, Arsenal would be Manchester United’s main contenders, year in year out.

So Arsenal’s hands are tied to an extent. But for every club that is richer than Arsenal, there must be 100 poorer. Look at Everton for example. Serious contenders for the Champions League due to shrewd management on a shoestring budget. Consider Swansea, who look like a match for anyone on their day. These sides are overachieving. Are Arsenal underachieving?

What is clear is that Arsenal need to strengthen their spine. They haven’t been serial winners since they had seriously hard buggers through the middle of the team. Here are 3 players that Arsene could feasibly sign to give Arsenal that razor sharp edge once more.

Edinson Cavani – What are you waiting for Wenger? Go and get him. Stop buying second rate strikers for £10m and go and get a 25 year old who has scored 67 goals in 89 games for Napoli. Sure, he’s going to cost £25-30M – but didn’t you just get that from Man United for RVP?

Victor Wanyama – The 21 year old Kenyan can stroke the ball around beautifully but, when the chips are down and the backs are firmly against the wall, this guy will be that seriously hard bastard who will drag you through a game a la Patrick Viera. Arsenal have some super midfielders but until the side can also win ugly they won’t be challenging for titles.

Mats Hummels – Another seriously hard mother, who can also play football. An integral part of Dortmund’s recent success, lots of teams want him, but he’s still gettable for Arsenal. More mobile than Mertesacker. Harder than Vermaelen. If you slag him off to his face, he will break your neck like a chicken’s.

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  1. ibrahim

    Feb 5, 2013 at 10:48 am

    instead of buyin average players y cnt u jst go out there and look for a good player dat can convert three chance out of five or five ..we need big striker not player that can nt convert chance at once

  2. Talkoftheterrace.net

    Feb 7, 2013 at 1:35 am

    In a way you have to admire Arsenal for what they have done over the years, they have proven that you can be successful without having to break the bank, however Wenger has lost his touch of having that nack these days. But on the other hand we at http://www.talkoftheterrace.net feel the way Arsenal is run, is good for business, taking into account the teams around them like Man United, Man City & Chelsea can all fall on their backsides if their owners pulled out, where as if that happened at Arsenal they would be just fine..

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