Manchester United superstar to re-sign


What a pure treat it was to see Ryan Giggs playing against West Ham last night. While others in the red of Manchester United fluffed their lines, during a narrow victory, Giggs rolled back the years to wave his Welsh wand of wing wizardry once more.

Nani, Valencia et al, should get a copy of the game and watch how Giggs, at 39, rose head and shoulders above everyone else on the park to illuminate an otherwise drab encounter. What he has lost in pace, Giggs has more than compensated for with increased football intelligence and technical refinement in the last few years. soccersweep would suggest that Giggs is a more complete and effective player now than at any time in his career. He gave the West Ham defence more trouble than any of his younger comrades. It was simply breathtaking. A performance to tickle the football lover with satisfaction, regardless of affiliation.

One of our readers, a West Ham supporter, commented:

‘As a West Ham fan I can honestly say that it is a pleasure – if not a little frightening – to watch Ryan Giggs play. He is pure class and as your article says, he was head & shoulders above anyone else on the park last night. He still glides across the turf and he is 39 years of age. Amazing. If only he was English!’  Tony

Rafael apart, the Welshman was the only Manchester United player on his game and what a game he had. Time and again, he flummoxed faster full backs, hit sublime long passes and defended like an 18 year old desperate to catch the manager’s eye.

Sir Alex Ferguson has told the Manchester United TV channel that the Welshman will play on:

“He will play for another year,” …..”There are no discerning signs of tiredness or weakness in his game, his quality is still there and he has fantastic balance.

“He has the appetite for it and he is just an incredible human being.”

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