Manchester United: Done deal?

Manchester United: Done deal?



As you may well know by now, a tweet appeared from Wilfried Zaha earlier, which added fuel to an already bright flame.

“Looks like I’m on my way to the top of the Premier League.”

He later deleted the tweet (detweeted?) and claimed he wasn’t the writer of the message, but there is a growing sense in the media that the fleet-footed winger is indeed on his way to Manchester United. What we know as fact is that Mike Phelan, or someone who looked extremely like him, went to see Zaha turn out against Burnley on Saturday. So there is definite interest in the player from Manchester United.

It is also widely acknowledged that Manchester United would be prepared to loan Zaha back to Palace for the rest of the season – an allowance that might well put The Red Devils in the driving seat for the deal.

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We believe that Manchester United aren’t at their strongest in the wide positions at present.  Sir Alex patently wants to proceed with a 4-4-2 but, with Valencia suffering a temporary crisis of confidence, Young a tad underwhelming and Nani also struggling for form and fitness, the manager’s options aren’t as great as in times past.

soccersweep thinks that the Scotsman will definitely look to bolster the wide areas in the medium term. We do however believe that it’s down the left where investment is most needed. Kagawa played as a nomimal left winger against Liverpool but Manchester United seem to lack a swashbuckling natural left footer in the Giggs/Bale mode on that flank.

As for Zaha, the potential is clearly there but question marks will remain about his top level prospects until he starts plying his trade in the Prem. He looks like a great athlete but does he have the genuine class and guile to put a Champions League defender on his batty on a regular basis? It seems ever more likely that we will soon find out.

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  1. Pls buy Zaha but don’t sell Nani pls we are begging,we luv Nani and pls buy a defensive midfielder,we want to beat Real madrid and Barcelona.

  2. it is better for united to loan zaha back to his former club after if the deal is agree with the club becouse most of our game is winger we do use and it is an oportunity for us to land him if the deal is agree.