The Leeds United Takeover Drinking Game

By Thomas B. 

The recent ‘annual freak result’ at Elland Road probably sent a lot of Leeds United fans to the bottle. Staring down the bottle of your preferable spirit, the 6-1 thrashing at the hands of Watford summed up the farcical summer that us Leeds United fans have faced.

I have contemplated, since the turn of May, taking up a hobby that consists of copious amounts of vodka and a row of shot glasses the length of a country mile. Week after week, speculation after speculation, we as Leeds United fans find ourselves in the same old situation. Fans yearn for answers (rightly so), in their droves, fans resort to bombarding potential owners and journalists who are labelled ‘liars’ and ‘attention seekers’.

So, you begin to wonder, when will Leeds United see a good day, or even just have fun. Then it hit me, combine all of your favourite past times – creating what can only be referred to as ‘The Leeds United Takeover Drinking Game’. As long as you are on Twitter and you know the soap opera that is Leeds United inside out, then you should be able to follow – getting blind drunk at the same time.

So here as I preach to all of you loyal Leeds United fans, be prepared for the current rules:

Rule 1: Duncan Castles tweets about Leeds United – DRINK

Rule 2: A Leeds United fan tweets David Haigh asking for answers – DRINK

Rule 3: You see the hashtag #batesout – DRINK

Rule 4: Leeds get drubbed at home and you blame Bates – DRINK

Rule 5: LUST release a statement and mention their vision – DRINK 

Rule 6: Paul Grimley tweets that Leeds fans deserve to ‘know’ – DRINK 

Rule 7: You get a DM off Duncan Castles but then unfollows you instantly – DOWN YOUR DRINK

Rule 8: Howson is Now says something utterly random and hilarious – DRINK

Rule 9: @WACCOE retweets something: DRINK

Rule 10: Ben Jacobs tweets about his confidence in GFH Capital sealing the deal and tells you he has sources in the Middle East: DRINK

Rule 11: You read the takeover is complete but then it gets labelled as ‘rubbish’ – CRACK OPEN CHAMPAGNE, THEN PUT IT BACK ON ICE

These rules can be amended in anyway, have fun guys!

Thomas Bradley is the editor of www.idradebeleeds.com and writer with soccersweep

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ls10

    Nov 14, 2012 at 8:21 pm

    Howson now funny? Rarely!

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