Liverpool back in the market?

So, despite having a major shortage in the striker department, Brendan Rodgers has stated in the last few days that he won’t be bringing Michael Owen back to the club.

We find Rodger’s tactics very strange. Yes, he wants to change the style of play at Liverpool. But he seems to be biting his nose off to spite his face at the moment. Where there should be evolution at Liverpool, Rodgers has gone for a violent revolution.

Andy Carroll didn’t fit Rodger’s style of play so he got rid of the him, even though he had noone to replace the England striker.¬†Surely a top manager would work with what he has and slowly implement the changes where possible. But instead, Rodgers and the fans will now have to suffer until the window opens again, when reinforcements can be found.

But what could Rodgers possibly have to lose by bringing Michael Owen in on a pay as you play deal? Owen may get injured for the duration. He may be hated by the Liverpool fans after playing for Manchester United. He may not score a single goal on his return to the club. But none of that would reflect badly on the manager. The player himself would surely relish a return to his old club. In all likelihood, Owen would ease the burden on the other strikers and chip in with some vital autumn goals, quickly appeasing the fans. But the manager doesn’t seem to want to pull out the stops to get him.

And what if Didier Drogba became available? If he does have to leave China due to in-fighting at the club, he would be the ideal player for Liverpool in the short term. But, again, Rodgers may think Drogba unsuited to his stylistic plans for Liverpool FC.

Rodgers seems to be staring a gift horse in the mouth here. He is working in a time of rations, but instead of eating some bread like everyone else, he’s holding out for a steak and starving himself in the meantime. Very odd behaviour for a coach in a top job.

So, would you Liverpool fans want Mickey Owen back?

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  1. stoneleech

    Sep 4, 2012 at 8:06 am

    No chance, this guy took the absolute piss out of us with his transfer to Madrid, he then chose Newcastle and then Man Utd always putting his international career before club. now nobody wants him we are supposed to bend over again for this guy?! FFS can’t believe we are even talking about this.

  2. l33r

    Sep 4, 2012 at 8:31 am

    No…definitely not.

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