Liverpool offered £18m for Andy Carroll – sort of…


West Ham have reportedly signalled their intent on bringing Andy Carroll to the club in a big money deal. They haven’t actually offered £18m however. The Guardian reckons that West Ham want to pay £2m up front – the equivalent of a 1 year loan fee – with the other £16m coming if The Hammers avoid relegation.

A bit dubious non? It’s like borrowing money from your mum. You really want the cash (probably for some flash new sneakers) so you will say anything to get it. But you never pay it back of course. Similarly, West Ham are trying to negotiate a very low risk contract. Even if they do stay up, there is always the chance of them reneging on the deal at the end of the season, if they don’t have the funds or if Carroll doesn’t succeed at Upton Park. So it’s effectively just a loan with sexy make up on.

This is not a deal which Liverpool are likely to go for. They need cash to reinforce their ranks and the general feeling is
that they don’t want to do a loan deal for the player.

We are expecting more interest from Newcastle United imminently. Meanwhile, The Hammers will probably need to offer much more cash up front if they are serious about taking the player.