Liverpool – More striker strife

Luis Suarez has been quoted as saying that he could be interested in a move away from Liverpool. When asked about his future by French channel Canal+ , he replied,

“Yes, I could go to Paris, like many big teams,”

“There are many big clubs with such a reputation that want to build a top team and Paris are one of those teams that are recruiting to strengthen.”

“I would love [if Lugano and I] could play together.”

Kenny Dalglish has immediately moved to quash such speculation as ridiculous but, after the problems that Suarez has had at Liverpool, you wouldn’t be hugely shocked if he felt like he wanted a new start. His performances on the field have been unquestionable but he may feel that his reputation has been wrongly tarnished in England to an extent that he wants to start again.

It would be a hammer blow to Kenny as he was probably hoping to build a tam around the little magician. Most Liverpool fans will simply hope that, like so much football speculation, that this is just a storm in a tea cup and Luis will go on to become a Kop legend.