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Published on December 6th, 2013 | by soccersweep


Chelsea: The £100m plus strike force

Ever since Roman Abramovich took over at Chelsea it’s been largely happy days for the club. While money doesn’t necessarily talk it whispers pretty convincingly and, accordingly, Chelsea have enjoyed the most successful period in their history over the last decade.

Few blinked when £50 million spent on Fernando Torres and you imagine Chelsea would be more than happy to spend 70 million on a player if the right one became available.

You feel that Chelsea are close to spending big again because they really need another striker. Fernando Torres has improved under Jose Mourinho but still isn’t the man he was at Liverpool. Samuel Eto’o has done well in spates but Demba Ba will surely not be wearing the blue of Chelsea come February.

So a massive transfer could be on the cards which could give Chelsea a new £100m plus strike force. Here are three players that have been constantly mentioned with regards to a big money move to Chelsea.

Radamel Falcao – the papers have been awash with talk of a transfer for the player who only moved to Monaco three months ago. He is a quite sublime footballer – an out and out finisher who can score from anywhere. Chelsea haven’t had so much luck with their big forward signings over the last few years but surely this guy would be a success.

Robert Lewandowski – he wouldn’t cost anywhere near 70 million and would surely do the business at Chelsea. He hasn’t got the pace of some of the other players mentioned but he makes up for it in pure goalscoring ability.

Luis SuarezHas been linked, more recently, with a move to Chelsea and we think that he would be the best choice of the lot. He is absolutely on fire at the moment and sit head and shoulders above any other striker in The Premier League. And it’s that Premier League experience which makes him the best bet for Chelsea. The suggestion is that he is happy at Liverpool but the money that Chelsea had to spend can often change the minds of players and clubs pretty quickly.

Chelsea fans, who would you most like to sign?

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One Response to Chelsea: The £100m plus strike force

  1. Mike Fenz says:

    Luis Suarez=midget that gets in trouble a lot( remember wen he BIT Ivanovič!)
    Robert Lewandowski= May b great, but not at his best
    Radamel Falcao= Superb Striker! Recently he has not been at his very best but has been rising significantly! He would be a gr8 fit! Just cause he doesnt have expieriens in the BPL doesnt mean hes not good! plus, he doesnt bite people and ISNT a midget like suarez

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