Aston Villa bookie favourites to sign a legend

Aston Villa had a miserable Christmas period as the form of the team dipped at exactly the wrong time. Paul Lambert did a brilliant job in keeping the team in the top flight last season but new doubts have surfaced, from some sections of the Aston Villa faithful, about his long term ability to take the team forward.

Aston Villa don’t have a huge budget but investment is clearly needed if they are going to consolidate and find a position of safety come May. With Benteke suffering a goal drought you might assume that better service is needed into the front line.

One player who might offer this sort of quality, and whose future remains uncertain, is Ashley Young. A one-time hero of Villa Park Young has increasingly struggled for minutes at Manchester United and he may not find a path back to the team if he stays at Old Trafford. His head seems to have gone down a bit of late and a return to his old club, Aton Villa, may be the perfect solution.

At odds of 6/1 Aston Villa are favourites with bookmaker SkyBet to return to The Midlands in January. We feel that he has something to prove to Aston Villa fans and the football world in general and perhaps he could flourish once again under the less intense glare of scrutiny Villa Park.

Aston Villa fans, would you welcome Young back with open arms and could he improve the team’s fortunes?

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7 Responses to Aston Villa bookie favourites to sign a legend

  1. Callum_Sleezby says:

    Would rather die than see him back at villa park! Dirty diving Cheat!

  2. Graham payne says:

    Would rather have Milner back thanks

  3. r0bb0 says:

    Try looking on some Villa blogs. “he’d be welcomed back with open arms”
    Closed fists more like

  4. Jackso says:

    I love Villa but the fans still have there racists under tones. You guys would rather see Milner back? Wasn’t Milner the player we rescued from Newcastle and before you know it he demanded to leave for Man city. If I recall at least A Young stayed an extra season after he was touted.

    • rob says:

      Im sorry but that comment is disgusting, why bring race into it. Many people find it hard to believe that young dived to win the game against villa just after moving to old trafford. To suggest the reason they dont want Young is because people around villa are racist is an insult. Look at the loved players at villa my personal favourite Ian Taylor but many players from all back grounds you should be ashamed of yourself.

  5. del says:

    Villa fans are so not racist. I’m a Holte Ender who is not white. I’ve never even had a funny look.
    Aston is a predominately ethnic area!!!

    Dalian, Regis, Daley, Tayls, Yorke, Ugo, McGrath, Gabby.
    Some of Villa Park’s most beloved sons are black.

  6. Nick says:

    The day Ashley Young celebrated winning a penalty following a blatant dive, playing against Villa, was the day he guaranteed he could never return. Most ex players don’t even celebrate goals against previous clubs, let alone following a dive.

    The idiot who brings race into this topic should hang his/her head in shame. Aston Villa is a club that has always prided itself on its ethnic diversity, and community spirit, in an area that is among the most multicultural in the UK.

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