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5 key problems at Manchester United

Not until Manchester United are out of all competitions will the season be seen as a disaster. But, if the performance levels continue like this, that point can’t be too far away. Here are the main problems that we think Manchester United have this season.

The Midfield

Compared to a Manchester United vintage it’s shocking. Micheal Carrick is back but will take time to recover his form. Apart from him Manchester United are in disarray in the engine room. Tom Cleverley is supposed to be a progressive, more attacking midfielder, but he goes missing from entire matches at a time. The fact that Anderson doesn’t even get a look in is a serious indictment of the player – or it represents terrible judgement on Moyes’ part – either way Manchester United have to prioritise midfield signings.


In fairness to David Moyes he has been dealt a bad hand with injuries so far. Last season’s top scorer RvP has been out for most of the season, while other key performers such as Phil Jones, Rafael da Silva, Micheal Carrick and Nemanja Vidic have had lengthy lay offs. But David Moyes’ training methods have been called into question after he talked in pre-season of ‘over-training’ van Persie . So perhaps he has to take some of the blame for the injury list.

David Moyes

He hasn’t improved Manchester United in any clear or obvious way in our opinion. Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has coached improvement into virtually all his players at Liverpool. Moyes has had less time but not one player seems to have improved under the management of Moyes. Is he a top coach at all then?


Just Fellaini so far and he has been poor. He hasn’t demonstrated the level of technique required to play for Manchester United and the fact that Moyes couldn’t envisage that, after several years with the player at Everton, bodes badly for future signings.


Some would call Moyes’ culling of the entire back room staff brave. Others would say it was idiotic. In truth, he tried to hold onto Rene Meulensteen, but The Dutchman declined the invitation. Consequently there is no continuity. Instead Moyes now has a back room staff which includes the less astute Neville and a team that has won nothing at management level.

Do you think that David Moyes is the man to lead Manchester United forward?

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7 Responses to 5 key problems at Manchester United

  1. derickbanks says:

    Moyes is not the right man to lead man utd. A coach of his age and the time he has spent coach’g without a major trophy. People say he needs time. Even if u give moyes 100»»»1000yrs at utd he will never win utd anything.

  2. Emeka says:

    Moyes not the right man

  3. roger davies says:

    As a L’pool fan who has suffered at the hands of Hicks and Gillett, i can see that bad senior management must be to blame !
    What other multi-million pound company would allow its most important employee (Fergie) to leave, its 2nd most important employee (Gill) and its 3rd most important asset (Fegies coaching staff) all at the same time !!!!!!!!!
    And to compound matters…. to employ an old school manager who never won a jot (even the Mickey Mouse ones) in all his years at Everton.
    Madness BUT nobody seems to be carrying than can eh !!!!

  4. Utdfan says:

    Moyes is a bloody Moron and his coaching staff are a bunch of mid table clowns, we have traded places in rankings with Everton, even Martinez has immediately created an impact and improved Everton, something that eluded our so called brilliant coach Moyes over the pas 11 years at the club (Accolades from Alex and the other Premier League Managers cause they want him in the job so that they can continue to beat Man Utd, which would not happen if a better manager was in his place).

  5. akash says:

    United should try 4-3-1-2
    A.young or welbeck

    that strategie look secure for our midfield.

    The trio experience player will running the game

    • Junior says:

      Giggs and Ferdinand are past it now. Kagawa has potential to be a class act if he could get a few games under is belt. That midfield looks slow but strong,Vidic is injury prone and Jones and Smalling are always injured so if Utd get 1 or 2 defenders and a couple of maestro’s in midfield then this could work.

  6. Steve says:

    “David Moyes

    He hasn’t improved Manchester United in any clear or obvious way in our opinion. Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has coached improvement into virtually all his players at Liverpool. Moyes has had less time but not one player seems to have improved under the management of Moyes.”

    That is simply untrue! Most United fans thought that Rooney was poor last season, probably past it and most likely to leave last summer. Since then he has been magnificent and carried United. That can only be due to the man management skills of Moyes. I doubt that Rooney would still be with United if Fergie was still managing United.

    In addition, Januzay has been a revelation and it must have taken a lot of guts for Moyes to persistently risk him at just 18 years of age, when taking on the momentous task of taking over from Ferguson. The very best of young players can be very inconsistent at best.

    You should recognise such issues and give credit where it is due. However, I do accept that 7th in the EPL and 4 losses at home at the half way stage is shocking for a team that won the League by 11 points, albeit with a very poor midfield and ageing / retiring star players. Fergie’s record is never likely to be repeated but he did say, last season, that United had the best overall squad in the EPL. Does anybody believe that to be the case now?

    United let Moyes down in the summer in the transfer market, big style. What really could not have helped is the fact that they did not officially appoint Moyes for nearly 2 months, which can only be due to saving a relatively small amount to pay off Everton on Moyes remaining contract. Also why on earth was the new CEO saying that they had a bottomless pit of money and then offering peanuts to a proud Football Club that had just had their manager taken away by United? That fiasco seemed to affect the whole summer transfer saga and now we see the consequences! What are the potential losses for such mistakes, I wonder?

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